Hi, I’m Jonilyn!

I am a certified Unplug Meditation teacher and Ethical & Sustainable Fashion blogger.

Through my social media platforms, emails and free resources, I help women develop intentional and mindful lifestyles so they can find more self-awareness, connection with themselves and find fulfillment in their daily lives. I’m super passionate about Ethical and Sustainable Fashion and Lifestyle and doing more things that make you happy.

I lead meditations at Allomi in South Redondo Beach and at the Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach. I am also the co-founder of Breathe Happy, a meditation and holistic wellness collective, located in Los Angeles, Chicago and online.

Though, first and foremost, I’m a Mother and a Lover. You’ll often find me on a coffee date with friends, meditating or playing at the beach with my family. I have a quirky obsession for decorative pillows and a newfound love for gardening. Most mornings I have a big cup of tea, but almond milk lattes are my guilty pleasure.

It’s nice to meet you!

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